Practice These Safety Tips Before Start Using The Gmail

Choose a best password

If a password is stronger then, then no need to worry about the alter methods or shortcuts to secure your password. For a strong password it should contain minimum eight characters, the longer such passwords exist for ever than the short life passwords. Include some letters, numerical characters in your password. If possible, change your password periodically that at least thrice in a year.

Reset your Gmail password from an antivirus updated system, a non updated antivirus systems are hazardous- especially the malwares are capable of pulling the password and other details. So make sure that you are resetting password from an antivirus updated system. Contact the Gmail technical support’s assistance in case needed.

Always make trusty connections

This awareness helps the email to work better. Email marketing is the cheaper way of showcasing a product or an organization to the public. Today, almost all mail using customers receiving such market labeled messages. So that, there a hidden chance of cluttering or confusing between the emails.  But we can’t categorize all these email as spamming email.  Some of these emails are categorized as marketing and the other mails are grouped as pishing emails or unsolicited emails. Here we elaborated the about the various ways to identify the legitimate emails. Contact the Gmail technical support for further queries.

How to identify a legitimate email?

  • Check whether the content of that email. If they are targeted a particular company name repeatedly or a keyword. Then might suspect that it is a part of spamming. Such case reports the issue to the Gmail technical support.
  • Check the address distribution list. If you found one more address list that resemble list (for example –,, then confirm it a spam mail. That is a presence of bulk mailing activity in your email. Report the issue to Gmail technical support.
  • Check the contact details of the website, if not listed then confirm that it is not a trusted org.
  • If you receive an email from the non-subscribed websites list, then unsubscribe that message
  • If an email asks your personal information’s like address, phone number, contact list –suspect that it is a spam mail. Don’t fill and send the personal information’s to any strange ones. Gmail technical support specially recommend that if any such issue notices, contact the Gmail technical support.
  • Ensure that you are receiving the emails from the right demographic groups, such findings helps the email to work better

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