PC Security tips

  • Use “anti-virus software” and keep it up to date.
  • Don’t open e-mails or attachments from unknown sources. Be suspicious of any unexpected e-mail attachments even if it appears to be from someone you know. security-tips
  • Protect your computer from Internet intruders – use “firewalls.”
  • Regularly download security updates and “patches” for operating systems and other software.
  • Use hard-to-guess passwords. Mix upper case, lower case, numbers, or other characters not easy to find in a dictionary, and make sure they are at least eight characters long.
  • Back-up your computer data on disks or CDs regularly.
  • Don’t share access to your computers with strangers. Learn about file sharing risks.
  • Disconnect from the Internet when not in use.
  • Check your security on a regular basis. When you change your clocks for daylight-savings time, reevaluate your computer security.
  • Make sure your family members and/or your employees know what to do if your computer becomes infecte

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