Detection Blue-Screen error with Toshiba Laptop

You really sit freaked in front of your Toshiba laptop, the gadget purchased little time back now dumps you with all sorts of errors and issues being piled up. The technicalities sue just hinder your performance you desire to achieve the supreme but somehow the errors have paved their way to your computer system and […]

How to Check, Change or Setup your secondary Gmail email address

To set up a secondary Gmail email address is important so that any how if you forget your password for Gmail then Google can directly send you a link on your secondary email account and from there you could change your password. If you are not having any secondary Gmail account and you looses your […]


Smartphone Security Tips

Today’s Need is no longer limited to computers or laptops not even the palmtop. The greatest innovation, “smart phones” now has all the facilities or we can say is now called a part of our living. Facilities like Google map, Face book, Twitter or other apps has made our life so easy that in today’s […]


PC Security tips

Use “anti-virus software” and keep it up to date. Don’t open e-mails or attachments from unknown sources. Be suspicious of any unexpected e-mail attachments even if it appears to be from someone you know.  Protect your computer from Internet intruders – use “firewalls.” Regularly download security updates and “patches” for operating systems and other software. […]

How to create an email account on yahoo

Yahoo is a well recognized name on internet for his search engine, messenger, email account, and many more activities. Yahoo email service is free for his customer’s. Yahoo mail is being used by million’s of user’s across the world. Yahoo provides free storage space on their account so that there user’s can maintain their record’s […]

How To Create Gmail Account

Now a day’s using an Email account has become a necessity in corporate field as well as day to day life. Gmail account is free and provide large space for storage of your document’s such as photos, videos or any kind of attachment’s with the mail. Hence the document’s on your Gmail can be viewed […]

Hi-Techsolution – My personal experience

Hi, I was searching a technician who can help me with my computer related issues . I came across with so many technician, even i have called one local technician to visit my house and check my computer . After 5 hrs of hard work , i came to know that its a software issue […]

Internet explorer 8 review

For till now the user across the globe might have access Microsoft internet explorer 7 and must have taken the advantage of the legacy so continued. Heretofore internet 7 raised the market for Microsoft but now Internet explorer 8 is being launched and the platform just leapfrogs the competitor’s in the bowser market. IE 8 […]

Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox

Is your browser creating all sort of malign programs for you, and each time you access the browser you land up in puddle of errors? Well now worry not and connect to browser support at live-technician technical services!!! Internet marks the new world for the techno savvy users. The internet explosions were just like the […]

Online internet explorer support services with experts

Internet explorer crops up several errors each time it’s operated, the browser really doesn’t support the pages you wish to view, or the site frequently visited is not being displayed now. Is internet explorer in your computer system is at risk? Internet explorer may grieve from several technical glitches which are not easily repairable by […]