How To Create Gmail Account

Now a day’s using an Email account has become a necessity in corporate field as well as day to day life. Gmail account is free and provide large space for storage of your document’s such as photos, videos or any kind of attachment’s with the mail. Hence the document’s on your Gmail can be viewed from any part of the world. Gmail is the service provided by the Google.

We are going to describe the step’s which are required to create an gmail account. We have just tried to make the procedure very simple so that a beginner can also create a Gmail account by following the procedure step by step.

  • Firstly open a Gmail account and then visit Create an Account for
  • Just fill the detail’s which are being asked such as your First name and Last name .
  • Just time your desired user name under the Choose your name.
  • If your desired user name is not available than you will receive message another user with the desired username already exist so change your username.
  • When you entered a unique User name than your gmail address will be username followed by “”. For instance if your user name was user then your email address will be “user”.
  • Create a password and Confirm your password.
  • Make sure that your password is not easy to guess for anybody else and it should be easy for you to remember.
  •  Enter your birthday under birthday.
  • Just select your gender under gender.
  • Fill the optional details such as your mobile no, your existing email account for security reason’s.
  • Just to prove that you are not an robot fill the captcha picture and submit it.
  • Select country or location under location.
  • Finally read google term’s for serving gmail and agree to the term’s and privacy policy .
  • Click Next step two times.
  • Now click continue and your gmail account is ready to use.

You could see it is very easy to create an gmail account so create your account now and start taking facilities of the services provided by the gmail.

If You want Gmail Phone Support you can contact with third party Gmail Technical Support Provider.

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