How to create an email account on yahoo

Yahoo is a well recognized name on internet for his search engine, messenger, email account, and many more activities. Yahoo email service is free for his customer’s. Yahoo mail is being used by million’s of user’s across the world. Yahoo provides free storage space on their account so that there user’s can maintain their record’s in mail and can access them for any part from any part of world. Yahoo mail is being used for corporate feild and the simple user also. Yahoo provides an exiting feature to reply to your queries on line as if you are having any question you can post it and get an answer from “Yahoo online tech support”.

Now here are the some easy steps to be followed to create an yahoo account

  • First of all launch a web browser and navigate to a Yahoo mail page . Yahoo Technical Support
  • When an yahoo page is opened you will see a option “Create a new page” just click on it.
  • Now fill the registration form which is appearing on your browser. Just fill your detail’s such as name, date of birth , gender and location.
  • After completing the registration form choose the user Name and Password.
  • You may have to choose the different user id’s until you find one is available.
  •  Make sure that the password you are entering is not easy to guess for anyone.
  • Now choose two security questions so that you can retrieve your password in the event you forget it.
  • Enter the visual confirmation code provided in the appropriate field.
  • Finally click on “Create my Account” by doing so your account will be created.

Now your account is being Activated and you can start mailing.

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