How to Check, Change or Setup your secondary Gmail email address

To set up a secondary Gmail email address is important so that any how if you forget your password for Gmail then Google can directly send you a link on your secondary email account and from there you could change your password. If you are not having any secondary Gmail account and you looses your password then it would we very difficult to recover your account. So just to prevent yourself from any trouble you must have a secondary email account.

Now the question arises that how to check, change or setup your secondary Gmail email address. So below are the simple steps to help you in Creating, Check or Setup your secondary Gmail email address:

  • First of all just login into account for which you want to create a Secondary Gmail email address.
  • Once you are logged in just click on Add or Remove email addresses under Email.
  • Now just type desired email address under Add an additional email address.
  • ┬áNow you will be getting all your mail on this alternate address in future.
  • When you want to change your alternate email address in future just update the email address and click save
  • If you want to check your alternate email address than just click on the email and the secondary account given for future use will we visible to you.

Now if you will lose your password for email in future than you will get mail with a link on your secondary account and you could use that link to login into your account and change your password.

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