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Hi, I was searching a technician who can help me with my computer related issues . I came across with so many technician, even i have called one local technician to visit my house and check my computer . After 5 hrs of hard work , i came to know that its a software issue and can,t be fix. I have paid nice amount to that local technician . I am a lawyer by profession .But if I  talk about my computer and i am a kid of nursery who don,t know much about my own computer  . I use my computer to check mails and play games , my computer works like a medicine , a kind of pain killer . I love my computer like the way i love my girl friend. But i was very much depressed when technician told me that i have to format my computer and remove every memories which i have kept inside my computer.

I came to know about online technician, i called many technician . I got many answers regarding my issues ,some body said its a hardware issue, somebody said i need to format my computer . Even few technician`s said i should throw this computer and should buy a new one. But one thing was common in every experience , that was — ” you need to pay for the service ” . I have called hi-tech people and best part was that they allowed me to say what  i want to say . I explained the issues . They took 15 min time , i was on hold . After 15 min , technician came back and gave information that it can be fix . I was able to see hope in my eyes . They informed me that they are third party technician , which was appreciable  , we should be honest . But i was least bother that who is fixing my issues , a branded technician, local technician or a third party technician. They took remote and fixed my computer problem  . Once that issues got fix then that technician informed about the payment . I have paid $189.99 which was nothing infront of that issue. Even they have provided me 1 year of technical assistance . I have got 3 calls in past 3 week, last week i was out of reach , i received a voice mail that ” Hi This is Micheal from Hi Tech solution and this call is just to ask you that is every thing is working fine in your computer or not .

Why i am  sharing this because I was happy with the way they helped me and curious to know is every thing is working fine or not .

Now let me end this , I am going to disclose the issue, which i had in my computer . Whenever i open my internet browser , i got a message webpage could be find .

Hi tech technician informed me that it is nothing , i should not be worry , Only i have to reset my browser and this issue will not occur any more . And why i have disclosed this at the end because being such a educated person , i was not knowing the basic thing and wasted my precious time and money . I paid my hard earn money to those who was not deserving that.

By the way i am happy with the services of  Hi-techsolution  and i call them and collect information whenever i face any issue with my computer . Hi tech solution is working as a tutor for me indirectly .

I would recommend every one , if you don`t want to waste your money and time and want your computer releated issue resolve , Please call them at their Toll Free Number – 1-888-551-2881 ( Hi-Techsolution)


Billy Hawk

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