Gmail celebrating its 1oth anniversary

As celebrating its tenth anniversary, Gmail can achieve a lot of these things with in these three years.  These ten years improve the customer count to 500 million from 50 lacks. Now it include the family of you –me and ours. This is a remarkable achievement. Now, its overbeat the Microsoft corp.’s Hotmail, and moves to the first ranking in the webmail.  “ it was a pretty big moment for the internet,” quoted Georges Harik – a spoke person of Google who was responsible for most of Google products when Gmail was launched.  Gmail was not pioneering in the days of launching, or there are lot of emails before the launching of email. Then why become so dominant and well-reached? Is the band name “Google” helps it to boost the popularity?


Ten years before Gmail started with an initial storage of 1 GB, at that time none of the other email service provider didn’t had such a good storage option for non-premium users. During that time the main competitor of Gmail like, Hotmail, Yahoo mail provides a storage option that less than 10 MB. This huge difference is the initial proven example of Gmail innovation.

In the year of 2008 Gmail mails are widely hacked, many accounts are compromised. Gmail lost many of its customers after undergone of this activity. Global Medias widely reported that “Gmail mail facing large number of threatening issues.  Company is planning to shut-down the Gmail mail temporarily”. That news is a sudden back hit for Gmail vendors. But Gmail doesn’t stop its journey. The official blog of Gmail quoted that “we understand the issues and outages that happening, we will recover the Gmail very soon” says one of the technical expert of Gmail. Keeping the word, they fixes the issue within certain period of time.

After that, the Gmail gives prior importance to the security even before. The technical engineer (Gmail technical support) develops different applications to boost up the security of the mail. Some such are two step verification system (to protect the password), HTTPS encryption (for accessing the email with secure format), Spam filter (for blocking and avoiding of spam enclosed emails) classifying of email system like configuring of inbox etc.

The bottom line of Gmail service it didn’t had a technical support or live customer support. Gmail stated that it is not possible to offer a live technician support to these millions of users. We didn’t shown any discrimination between paid and free customers. Instead of that we offers a help center page which help to guide the troubleshooting customers that had services mentioned from password recovery (Gmail) to deleting a Gmail

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